Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pushing through

If you have been a follower of my blogging, you know that sometimes I run. Not because Inlove running or desire to break any records in the long distance category. I run because I love food. Specifically cake and pie and anything else with a sugar glaze. Or chocolate. Let's throw chocolate into the mix as well. So I run to eat.

 A bonus is that there are all kinds of health benefits to running. The benefits are both physical and mental and even emotional. I feel better when I run. 

But let's be honest. Running sucks. It's mindless and repetitive. I run in my neighborhood so I'm seeing the same six types of houses with every step. I'm hearing the same dogs bark as I run past their houses. I'm waving a bleary eyed hello to each of the early morning commuters I see on their way to work. Then there's the weather factor. Running is ideal for me at about fifty degrees with low humidity. But I live in the Midwest. And we have four seasons. Sometimes they all come in the same week. Throughout the summer months, running is sticky and hot. It's hard to breathe   

So if it's all unbearable and hard, why keep at it? Surely there must be another kind of exercise that would be better? Probably there is. But there's something about tying up my shoelaces on run day that gets me a little excited. That feeling of feet hitting the pavement sends a thrill up my spine. Knowing that I can make it thru a ten kilometer race makes me feel accomplished. Running is my time. It clears my head and I get some new ideas or clarifications while I run. So the joy of all the good things outweighs the negative side of my preferred exercise b

The extra bonus is that I can eat a slice of  cake when I'm done. 

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