Friday, May 20, 2016

Types of Friends

So we've talked about friends. The need for them and also how to build the relationships that go beyond the surface. Now let's talk about the,I don't of friends we can be. All of usage made uniquely. And there is beauty in that. I believe we need to embrace that uniqueness and be that kind of friend to others. If we don't, others miss out on our giftings and we miss out on theirs. Here is a list of friend types. And if you're a different type than what's on my list, please feel free to add your type in the comments. 

1. The instigator- This is the friend who is always coming up with a plan. They like to be on the move and especially like to be with friends while going. 

2. The realist- This person doesn't hold back. They can see and call out BS and are not afraid to do so. This friend won't let you lie to yourself or others. 

3. The interrogator- This friend asks a lot of questions. They want to know what's going on and all the details. 

4. The dreamer- This one has their heads in the clouds. They like to make big plans or have grand ideas, but they don't usually come to fruition. 

5. The practical gal- The practical gal is like the realist. But they are more concerned with the details of things. They find the best solution to make the plans happen. 

6. The confidante- This friend is the first one you share with. They have an open ear and a sympathetic heart. They also tend to have a closed mouth so you know your troubles won't be shared before you're ready. 

7. The counselor- This person is great with advice. They might be a few years older, or they might have.ived a life that gives them a broader perspective. 

8. The longtime friend- This is a person who you have know the longest. Or will go the distance in your friendship. Even if you move, they still check in with you on a regular basis. This friend and you can go awhile without speaking and still seem close when you do reconnect. 

9. The creative- As implied, this friend is creative. They march to their own drum. You might find yourself at an art gallery or a music concert with them. They'll help broaden your cultural experiences. 

10. The defender- This friend will stand up for you. No matter what. Either against those who would talk about you, or when you're going thru a hard time, they'll stand up for your dad your family. 

There's my list. It's not exhaustive. We don't all fit into just one category. We are all unique and have many facets. But the important part is we embrace ourselves and each other. 

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