My name is Katie. I come from a long line of story tellers. I want to share my story with you. It's a story with adventure and danger, as well as one that has some sweet spots and slow sections. Most of all, it's a story of finding freedom.

I'm a mid-west girl that's bounced around Indiana since I came to school down here. I grew up on a lake in Michigan and miss the water. I try to get to a body of water a few times a year. I like to read, write, connect with people and eat great food. I have a sweet tooth that is getting to be overbearing, but I'm trying to curb that with some help,

I'm married with a few kids. We have no pets because the hooligans make enough of a mess. I like a clean house but don't like to put forth the effort to make it tidy. I enjoy solitude and can be the life of the party. I basically am a walking contradiction. I'm horrible at follow thru when it comes to discipline and I would much rather turn on a cartoon and snuggle than play a board game against my middle child. Cause he always wins.

I'm glad you stopped by! Thanks for sharing in my story. I hope that you will share parts of yours as well!

Sincerely and with much affection

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