Thursday, June 2, 2016

Always choose kindness

About a year ago, I received a copy of Jodi Dietrik's The Jesushearted Woman. This is a wonderful leadership book with ten great principles. I had the opportunity to present a few of the chapters to another group of leaders. The principle that spoke to me most was kindness. 

You've heard it all before. That social media provides an endless play ground of places for people to correct you. There are websites you can list your failures and people will rate them. There are the more well known platforms of Facebook and Twitter, all waiting for your epic fail or grammar mistakes. We can all jump on a band wagon and express our correct opinions with a few strokes of the key board. 

What if we chose to be kind, instead of right? I do believe there is a way to be both. Sometimes kindness means not saying anything. Sometimes kindness means walking away from an argument. Shutting the computer down before engaging in a social media debate. Just because you are correct does not mean you need to verbally blast every person who may not realize you are correct. Kindness means you don't have to accept the invitation to every argument that you receive an invitation for. 

This is a hard struggle for me. Because so many times I want to win. I need to be the authority to prove my worth. But being right and yelling the loudest do not give me worth. It only alienates me from the people I'm arguing with. 

Today, let's choose kindness over being right. We don't have to correct every mistake. We don't have to prove we are right at the expense of another. We can agree to disagree with one another when the opinions vary. Always be kind.