Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer structure, or a lack there of

We are on the first week of spring break. This summer all three kids are at an age that they don't need constant attention. They can all work a tablet or the computer. In an effort to make sure some semblance of brain activity is there when they go back to school, we have implemented this system:
 It worked well the first day. But given that my children are all training to be diplomats, lawyers or dictators of small countries, they were already trying to scam the system on day one. I held firm and we made it thru the list. 

Now, on day two, we have already broken the rules. The youngest and I woke up the middle while laughing at cute animal videos on YouTube. Then he joined in and took over my phone to continue the hilarity. 
Aall of that is ok. Yes, I like structure and a plan. But I am letting go of the need to control everything. 

This is summer break! A break from learning and school and activities. I want to follow this list most days.  I'm also going to give myself a break from being the task master. And if there are days we just watch tv and YouTube, or maybe we have a video game tournament all afternoon, that's going to be ok. Because I don't want my kids to forget how to have fun. I want them to know how to enjoy life. That some days it's alright to take a break from the daily grind. 

Kids need play. Adults need play. So this summer, we are going to play and have structure. But we're mostly going to play. 

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