Thursday, June 16, 2016


After just a few short hours the sun is back again. It seems as if the night sky only had a brief showing before the pushy rays of light came back out to play. The sun rays that are noisy and bossy, expecting you to notice them and be productive. So it is another day. 

I stumble across the floor quietly so as not to wake the youngest that has wandered into my bed again. Quietly creeping to my comfy chair to learn and get my mind ready for the days tasks. I'm relishing the quiet of the first hours of the day. Gingerly holding my breath and moving slowly so that the little one gets the rest she needs and I can hold onto the silence a little longer. 

There will be a time for busyness and sound. The day will provide opportunities for hustle and movement. But for now, I embrace the quiet of the morning. Holding onto these first quiet moments of the day. 

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