Saturday, June 20, 2015

Identity Crisis

There seems to be an identity crisis in our country. It seems that every other day I read the headlines in my Facebook feed and there's a new story about someone being exposed for lying about who they are.

I used to walk thru life like that. Trying to be what I thought others wanted me to be. The ideal wife, mom or friend. Always trying to conform to what the situation best needed. So unsure of who I was that I lived in fear someone would figure out that I was just pretending. But I would always keep myself at arms length so no one could find out who I really was.

But eventually we all get found out. For some that means a big splashy headline at the top of Facebook. And countless people weigh in with their opinions about why we go forward in the lies we are perpetuating. But for most of us, we get found out because we are tired. Tired of living lies. Tired of striving and being something we were never meant to be.

For me, that was the case. I had so many costumes I was trying to put on, that I eventually got tired of changing. And eventually found a place where I could search out who I was. I found that in the arms of Jesus. Through the doors of a church that I loved. With people that accepted all of me, the complete and true version of who I was. It was there I learned to be safe and found out the calling of what I was created to be. A truth teller. A connector. Someone who wants to help make someone else's life easier.

You can have that too. We don't have to strive and lie and pretend to be anything beyond what we were created to be. If we would all just think about when we were little people who had no preconceived ideas about what we should or should not be, that is the version of ourselves that we can be. Filled with hope and light and love. If we accept the grace that we have been given. The love that provides a safe place for us to find out who we are, then I think we will go back to being children of the light. Full of confidence in the One who has created us. 

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