Thursday, June 18, 2015

A little bit more

A call can have a lot of different meanings.

Sometimes it means getting that call on the phone. Those can be a much treasured conversation with a friend. Or it can be the terrifying call that turns your world upside down.

A call can also be a calling. Something your passionate about. A desire to do something more than just walk thru the day to day mundane.

A call can mean a cry out against injustice. Sometimes those start small, with just one voice speaking out against injustice. Or bringing to light the wrong things done in the dark. This kind of call takes courage. It can be lonely to be the one calling out. Eventually, someone else here's our call. They recognize what we see. Then their voice joins with mine, and the call gets a little louder. The two voices become four, the four becomes eight. Until finally, there is such an uproar, the political powers have no choice but to listen to the cry of the masses.

There are a lot of voices for us all to join with them. There are cries for every kind of injustice from saving whales to saving babies. The plight of the migrant worker rises up with the elderly needing someone to notice them. There are so, so many voices to listen to. How do we choose what cause to rally behind? How do we know where to put our time and energy?

I'm not sure myself. I know I want to stand with those who need help. With those who are unable to help themselves. I have a command to care for widows and orphans. But that can't mean to just write a check and move on. It means investment of time and energy. The longer I go on my faith journey, the more I'm seeing the importance of seeing. The importance of investing outside of myself and looking into others.

I will raise my voice with those that are disenfranchised. Use all this white privilege I have and call out for those that are silenced because of poverty or circumstance. Join with me to be the voice in the wilderness calling out!

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