Saturday, July 4, 2015

Freedom to be

It's July 4th today. A day to celebrate a group of people's right to be free. To be represents of their own destinies. Celebrating the right to make laws and govern their own people. These United States were founded on this day. 

John Hancock was the first to sign our Declaration of Independence. As he was the one who penned it, that is only fitting. The rest of the delegates had to wait a month to sign their agreements. 

We live in a great country. A country that was built on celebrating adventure and discovery. But it also was built at the sake of others our forefathers were white, Europeans who had a great sense of wanderlust. While some may have been respectful of other cultures, most had the idea that there ways were better. 

We, the white Anglo Saxon explorers, came here with a sense of entitlement and that has never left. Continually standing on the backs of those we see as less than us. God forgive us our arrogant hearts. Lord bring peace to the marginalized and help me to be the voice that cries with the downtrodden.

Until we are able to see one another as equals, we can not understand what it means to be One Nation, indivisible. We will always be at war among ourselves peace does not come until every person can truly have the bill of rights as their own. 

May we all see past our differences and into the similarities.  

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