Friday, July 24, 2015

The Quiet

There's an old time church song called "The Garden". The first verse goes like this: 
              "I come to the garden alone
                While the dew, is still on the   
               grass. "

It's a quiet song. One about rest and reflection. Of meeting our Maker in the quiet place. In the garden time. 

So often we rush around and do. We have endless supplies of media, sound and things vying for our attention. These all make it very easy to not hear the Voice of one calling out to us. Or to push down the voice telling us to think back and reflect. 

But sometimes we need a little quiet. We need a place to rest and be absorb the silence. Maybe we need to wrestle with some truths. Or maybe we need to unpack a wound and let it air out. Sometimes we just need a break. A place to not have noise. 

My quiet place is in the morning as I get ready for work. I leave when it's still dark in the summer time. I get to watch the first rays of dawn peek over the horizon. 

This is my resting place. My place to prepare for the day and quiet my soul. 

Where is your quiet place? 

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