Monday, July 27, 2015

Family ties

You take the good, you take the bad, in between there you have the facts of life. Which is what I always think of in conjunction with family ties. But I am already off on a tangent. 

We all have a family. Or at least a place we come from. 

Sometimes that place is delightful and full of life. A glorious beginning that leads to a marvelous continuum of succes and adventure. Continuing a cycle of blessing. Of prosperity and hope. 

Sometimes our beginnings are brought into strife. The bitter end of a marriage or perhaps the complete disregard for the gift that is an infant. Some people come from a place of such pain and torment they spend the rest of their lives trying to break free. Or, they might never break free and continue a cycle of brokenness and hurt. 

We all have a choice. Yes, our beginning might be difficult, but we can break free. Not on our own, but thru Jesus. He is the only one who is strong enough to break our bonds and bring us to a place of healing. 

The only one who can take us off our paths of destruction and put us on the path of redemption. This is Jesus. 

He is always there, always waiting. Won't you take his hand? 

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