Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Moving someone out

As I may have mentioned, I work full time outside the home. It's nothing glamorous, but it pays the bills and gives us a few extras besides. I like the people I work with. But there is a dirty underbelly to all things business. 

Over the last four months, I have seen more tears and dramas then I ever saw as a stay at home mom. These women are like a pack of hyenas looking for the weakest member of the herd. When they find your weak spot, they pounce!! Let the metaphorical blood shed ensue. 

We are just so uncareful with one another. There is a basic lack of dignity sometimes. Harsh words and phrases thrown in the guise of a joke. Or backhanded compliments. There is little time for gentleness and a sweet demeanor. I get drawn into the battle of sarcastic barbs and put downs. I do not take these things well. 

I don't want to have the skin thick enough to "take this". I don't want to cry every time my feelings are hurt either, but there is always a trade off. 

Lord help me to be kinder and gentler. Make me a peace maker in my work place. Show me how to see where others are hurting and to speak life there. 

Will you be a peacemaker? 

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