Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Family drama

As we get older, we learn to appreciate the gifts that can not be bought. I wish so badly for my children to have the gift of time with their relatives. But it can be really hard to keep those relationships alive. 

You've got the in-law issue. No matter how great your relationship, there will always be some disconnect between how your family does things and how the family you marry into does things. We just all need to be willing to concede on the unimportant things and maybe alternate holidays. 

Then there's the boundary issues. Some families have no boundaries and must be taught proper etiquette. Unless you are cool with someone being at your house unmentioned or even 24 hours before a scheduled event. 

There's the distance issue. When life circumstances have taken you away from your close family members. You gotta work a little harder and actually make plans. 

Then there's the no plan issue. When the rest of the family wants to just wing it and you are a planner. 

Or the other side, everyone has a plan and you just want to relax. 

There's always some tension among families. But if we all have grace with one another, we can work it out. 

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