Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The ten minute post

I am sitting at my desk with about 10 minutes to spare before I have to go pick up the younger two from a day time VBS. Can I just say thank-you for that? It's like a free week of camp without the bugs, sleeping bags or swamp to swim in.

It's also been giving me some quiet time with my oldest. I think he appreciates the quiet. He's turned into this introspective pre-teen who doesn't really talk that much any more. Well, he doesn't talk to me that much anymore. He talks to his Dad a lot. For which I'm grateful. Maybe I'm just to busy to talk to him. Or that's how he feels. It seems as if my husband is acting as our interpreter these days. Having kids with similar personalities, or major differences in personalities is causing a lot of strife in our household. I'm a control and logistics freak, my son is more of a free spirit and independent type. It can cause some blow ups. We are trying to break the cycle of that.

 The really fun part of all of this is that the youngest seems to exhibit a lot of the same personality traits as the oldest. She is independent and strong willed. I'm already tired thinking of the teen years to come with her brother. Not sure if I'll have the strength to deal with a third kid.

What about the middle one? Where does he fit in? Thankfully he's more easy going. And a more compliant sort. He sees the hard road his siblings are digging out and decides to learn from their mistakes. The child makes his own mistakes, but not nearly as often as the other two.

Parenting is hard, that''s all there is to it. No one book has all the answers. Just when you figure out one stage, it's off to the next. When you throw in a few more personalities, we might as well throw the towel down and just take a slug of wine to get thru the night. Yes, there are good things at each level, but there's a lot of hell with each stage too. We are all going to make it though. All us middle class moms with the time to read and write are going to make. Because we have the resources for help. Like day time VBS, school and endless media options. Carry on Mama, Carry on. 

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  1. You are really going to enjoy being a grandparent I think :)