Friday, July 8, 2016


How do we figure out where we belong? Does it matter if we belong? Who are we belonging to? Is it enough to belong to ourselves?

The journey to belonging begins with ourselves. To feel like we belong is a basic need. Right up there with food, water, shelter and love. Babies in orphanages fail to thrive because they are not picked up and loved. They do not feel as if they belong, even as infants. Adults spend thousands of dollars on self-help books and therapy to figure out their place. People all over the world are fighting and struggling to figure out the simple but oh so complicated question of where do I belong?

We join clubs, organizations and companies to find a place. We volunteer in class rooms and send money to humanitarian causes to feel as if we have a purpose. In the western world we set goals and achieve them.We search for the perfect spouse, have kids, move to the right neighborhood all while asking, is this what it takes to belong?

What if I told you a secret? That none of that stuff matters. We can look at the greener grass and put ourselves in a deep whole of debt trying to be like everyone else. We can run ourselves ragged in the car line and sports schedules making sure our kids are doing what the "right" things are. But it doesn't mean we belong any more or any less.

Our being here on this planet means we belong here. The very fact that you are walking the Earth's ground and breathing the atmosphere means you have a place here. There is no goal, relationship, career or amount of money that gives you worth. You are enough. You are worthy of love.

You belong

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