Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Making a home

Home is a funny thing. Some say it's where your heart is. Some say it's wherever your family is. Sometimes heart and family are synonymous, other times not so much. There are several ways I know I am home. Here's a brief list.

One of the ways I feel at home is when I find the library. The location is usually easy to find on the internet. But it's not until I have gone a few times and get to know the people behind the check out counter that I really feel home.

Another way I make a connection to a place is when I find a great local place to eat. This one can be a little bit trickier. Especially when you live in a smaller community without a lot of choices. So it might take a little driving to find a great place to eat, but it's always worth the effort to me.

My third pillar of home comes when we find a church to attend. This one can be even more elusive than a good restaurant. The church universal can be really splintered and divided so that makes it difficult to find one that lines up with the convictions I have been given from the Holy Spirit.

Home is fining a place where we belong. Of finding a connection. That doesn't always mean one's family of birth. But it does mean finding who your family are. Keep looking, keep investing.

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