Monday, July 4, 2016

Freedom to choose

I live in America.  In this great country we have a lot of freedoms. We have the Declaration of Independence that gives us a Bill of Rights. We have freedom of choice here in the United States. We can choose where to live, where to work, what kind of work we want to do. We can choose to have no kids or a hundred kids. We can choose what to wear and how to style our hair. We can vote for who we want to. We can shop at the stores we like and eat the foods we crave. America is a land of choice and plenty.

We also have a lot of people spewing hate. We still are fighting for the equality of all people no matter their skin color, sexual orientation or back ground. Some people want to ban guns, others want to be able to walk into any storefront and buy an uzi. People fight about Chipotle or Qdoba. They fight over Coke or Pepsi. If you put a choice up on the interwebs, you will find two different groups. From political candidates to soft drink choices, Americans love to argue.

Because we were given that right by the founding Father's. I think what we have lost sight over, however, is that we don't get to be right every time we have an opinion. My choices do not make them the correct choice for everyone. Who I vote for does not mean everyone has to vote for that candidate. Where I buy groceries may not be the best choice for you to buy groceries. But that's what we so often do. We want people to agree with us. To be like us, to choose like us. Because then we feel validated in our choices. If more people make the same choice as I do, it cements that whatever choice it was was a good one.

Here's the truth, my choices don't need to be validated by others, and neither do yours. This is not something I always believe, but it's something I'm trying to practice. To make a choice without checking with someone else. To be confident in who I am and the power I have to make my own choices.

Let's embrace that freedom this Independence Day. Be confident in your choice of potato salad or coleslaw. Be proud of your decision and embrace them. Even if no one else does.

Be proud of you!

Happy Independence Day and embrace your independence.

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