Thursday, July 21, 2016

Go Away Sweaty Summer

At the beginning of the summer, we were excited  Ready for a break from the grind. We were looking forward to late nights and later mornings. The sun granted us a few extra minutes each evening to play and relax by it's beams.

We went on day trips. We stayed home and did nothing. We went on over night trips with the grandparents, sleepovers with friends and even a family vacation. Cousin time and friend time was had by all.

But now all that fun is over. We have three weeks until summer break is over and school begins again. This is the oldest's big year on campus as he will be on the top of the school food chain. The next is just a year behind him chomping at the bit ready to rule the school. The youngest is going to be at the beginning of her school career. We need to buy supplies and see what clothes still fit. We gotta clean out the backpacks that have sand and rocks in them. We gotta get back into the school swing.

As we get closer to the school year starting, we are experiencing our hottest days of the year. I hate it. I hate the sweat and stickiness everything feels. I despise how everyone is stinky. That shoes and feet reek for days. My water bill skyrockets. As does the electrical to accommodate my AC binges. I loathe that the produce doesn't last even twelve hours because the humidity escalates the decomposing process. The bugs are in full swarming mood. The sweet baby birds from the spring nests have turned into the murderous disease ridden creatures their parents are. It's time to say go away sweaty summer.

I am a creature from the north. I want my cooler temperatures back. To be able to wrap myself in my cozy sweaters and long boots. I want to see the glorious colors of fall and the white expanse of winter. There I said it. I want the frigid temps of the late months of the year to come back. Coffee will be served piping hot and chili is back on the menu. I can use my oven any time of the day without roasting out my family. It's time for summer to move along. Won't you join me in saying, "Go Away Sweaty Summer"?

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