Monday, May 8, 2017


    True Story: When my husband and I were young collegiates, we made the move from just friends to seriously dating. In the vein of serious courting that was popular in the late '90s and early 2000s, he wanted to come meet my family and go to church with me. In an effort to better understand me and where I came from, so to speak.

So he comes up on Friday night. We do some fun things around my town. Then, on Sunday we go to church. Church was and still is a HUGE part of my upbringing. So it made sense that he would attend services with me.

We come up to the building, go inside and I start saying hi to the many people that have helped influence me as a young woman. We go down to a Sunday School class and one of my mentors came and sat down next to me. She had known that the future Mr. Katie M was going to be in town and she wanted to meet him. I turned to the mentor and said, I kid you not. Mentor, this is my good friend T. T had enough upbringing to mask his surprise quickly. My mentor questioned the description which I quickly amended to boyfriend.

It was not the last foible I made with my young relationship. But thank God my husband has a quickly forgiving heart!

We have been going on fourteen years of marriage. It's been a long struggle and yet short road. This season we are in is one of the sweet times. We are in a new place that has a lot of hope and promise with it. We both are pursuing our dreams. Our kids are at a point they can get a bowl of cereal on their own and turn on Netflix without needing us. It's a really good spot.

This season is a lot like being back in that fresh young dew of early dating. We are sweet and cautious with one another again. We are serving and caring of one another. It's like we are boyfriend/girlfriend but with more benefits. Wink, wink!

I'm going to cherish this time. Hoping it will last a long while. Praying that I  remember to do my part to help cultivate what we have so that it grows and flourishes. 

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