Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Pause.

     This week has been a week of freedom. Our family is incredible blessed to have seveITral sets of mature adults that are willing to invest in our children. This week, our kids went north to spend AN ENTIRE WEEK with their maternal grandparents. Along with the grands, there is also a slew of cousins to bring even more fun and adventure to my city kids.

     This week, our kids are getting fresh air, vitamin D and more exercise than they have had all year. I'm sure they are staying up late, eating sugar for breakfast, watching movies and getting loved on the way only grandparents can love on a child. It's a week of freedom from screens, the internet and mobile devices. In short, they are regressing to the eighties. I haven't heard one time from the actual kids and I have to imagine that means they are having a fabulous time.

    As for the husband and I, after we got over our sadness at leaving the kids (which took all of five minutes for myself, a little longer for the mister) we realized we to have complete and utter freedom. There was no one to get ready for bed. No one to wake up for activities. There was no need to keep track of a clock because we only had ourselves to go where we wanted.

     We could decide to go to a fancy restaurant and be there inside of an hour. We are not having to worry about anyone but ourselves.

IT IS GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

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     The mister and I have regressed into the college versions of ourselves. He's all focused on art, I'm all focused on reading books. We eat at weird times. When we are actually hungry versus when our kids are hungry. We can buy a little treat and not have to buy three additional ones for the kids. Our meals are simple and delicious. There has not been a single chicken nugget on the table all week! I have not had to hear, ew or I don't want that. No one is asking every five minutes if they can watch youTube. The nasally voice of Dan TDM has not been heard since last Thursday. 

I     This week of freedom has been a reset for the mister and I. We are able to slow down and have actual conversations. Things like where life should go. What's going on in the news. We can talk about music and society without being interrupted. Going in and out of a store takes minutes instead of an hour. I was even able to go in and out of Target


        It's been an amazing week just being adults. Not parents. Sure, we miss the kids. But there is something special and necessary for this time to be together. Marriages need a pause some times. A time to get away from our kids. I have read that couples should take one night a week, one weekend a month and one week a year to just be together. No kids, no jobs, no interruptions.

     Make your relationship a priority. It's worth it. 


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