Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The flourishing

I'm part of an international organization called MOPS. I am part of what they call their Volunteer Staff. That means I get to help out with regional and national training events. I also get to have top speakers and teachers pour into me as a leader. I also get to spend a little time each month with leaders of various MOPS groups around the state. I get to encourage and equip them to be better leaders.

What is MOPS you may ask? It stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. They minister to moms in the birth to kindergarten stage. Then there are extensions of MOPS like military MOPS, teen MOPS, MomsNext and various international groups that cater to a more niche group of women.

I found MOPS when I moved to Lafayette, IN. It was one of the first places I felt safe. It was a place I could go to and learn how to be a mom. I also could know I wasn't alone as a mom, that there were others like me struggling with the the same or similar issues in their lives.

That brings me to my topic. What does it mean to flourish? A fierce flourishing is the theme for MOPS this year. It is a call to flourish where we are. Not just survive. A year to take time to rest fully, celebrate lavishly and to be fierce in our determination. I keep coming back to the flourish part of the theme.

So many times I just exist in life. Putting one foot in front of the other without thinking about where I am. Missing out on the moment because I am to worried about the next step. I don't want to just survive or make it thru my life. I want to flourish. To put down deep roots that give me the stability to withstand the hard times. That also keep me rooted in what is important. Like family, friends and my faith.

To flourish might take some work. Plants in a garden need some attention. So do the gardens in our souls. Plants need light, rain and a weed free environment to really flourish. Maybe some fertilizer to really make things grow. We also need the light of families that love and support, the watering of friendships that our into us, the gentle weeding and pruning of the Master Gardener. Our fertilizer comes from regular Bible Study and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

What do you need to flourish fiercely? 

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