Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer Time Goodness

Summer is not my favorite season. The heat, humidity and bugs lead to a mostly miserable existence for me. I much prefer the brisk northernly winds of autumn and the swirling snowflakes of winter. Give me a warm cozy sweater every day of the week over the unflattering tank tops that are the only way to stay cool in the summer.

However, there are a few good things about summer. Like the fresh produce. I love going to the farmers market and perusing the stalls. Taking my time smelling strawberries and getting to know where my food is coming from. I like trying new varieties of vegetables. And picking up some fresh made kettle corn is it's own kind of magic.

I like to be by the water in the summer time. Living in a land locked state makes that difficult, but I'm finding many reservoirs and man made ponds that give me a glimmer of relaxation by a great lake.

I like having a slower pace. More light in the evening means more time after work for play. It means getting to see the neighbors that have been shut inside all winter. Letting my daughter get her doggie fix from all those walking by.

Summer means no stress about school. There are more holidays in the summer. More chances to go visit friends or family.

So yes, summer has it's good points. But there are more of them in the cooler months.

Are you a summer, winter, autumn or spring?

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