Saturday, June 27, 2015

The world sees rainbows and I see shadows

Yesterday my Facebook feed was filled with rainbows. Most of my friends that changed their profile pictures to a rainbow colored image, I wasn't surprised by. Some were a surprise. Others were so determined to smack those opposing them in the face they made bold declarations to "unfriend" those that didn't agree with them. I just don't think that is gonna help. 

I'm not sure where I stand on this. I agree with the dissenting opinion of Supreme Court Justice Roberts and Scalia. I think this ruling is a gross oversight of the Court. They have completely overlooked the majority opinion of their constituents. They have taken on the role of, as Savlia put it, "judicial activist". I think the court was more motivated by doing what was a popular and loudly voiced opinion over what was right. 

Do I believe that all humans should be treat with respect and dignity? Yes, absolutely! Do I believe that "gay rights" are as important as the work done during the civil rights movement? No, I do not. I know there are many arguments about  gender, sexuality and identity. These are questions of choice, not birth.

 Race is not something you can change. It is an inherent part of who we are. It is a genetic component of ourselves that determines specific characteristics.

 Our choices of who we love is just that, a choice. Every single day, love is a choice. And the Supreme Courts ruling has overshadowed the rights of all 50 states. Whether the state has agreed with the courts opinion or not. Our civic liberties as constituents has been reduced once again by a small group of individuals who over look us little people in their ivory towers. 

As we go blindly forward with the most vocal opinion, may we not later regret the decisions made by those who have decided our fate because we were to busy trying to fit in. 

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