Friday, June 26, 2015

Time Away

Yesterday I wrote a post about being alone time. About how the introverted part of my personality craves quiet time. To veg and decompress and how without time to do that, I turn into a hot mess of nerves and get nasty. 

Sometimes my husband likes to be helpful and provide opportunities for me to be alone. But sometimes these opportunities aren't quite what I had in mind. 

With both of us working, there is little time for errand running. Sometimes we need to go to the grocery store or the post office. Running errands a lone is his gift of time to me. Somehow, that's now quite what I need. 

The fluorescent lights and beeping cash registers aren't quite as soothing to my overstimulated mind. As beautiful as the luscious produce is, it doesn't quiet my soul the way a sunset would. 

So the next time you're craving alone time, go to a park, not the grocery store. Unless getting food is where you find your happy place. Then go to the grocery store. 

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