Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Feeling behind

It's the middle of the week and I feel like a truck has run over me. As someone at work kept saying today, is it Friday yet?

The day started of great. I went for a run with the hubs, we had a nice little breakfast. Drove to work, and then I got to my computer, clocked in. And the first thing I ran into was an email wanting to know information. I had about 30 minutes of panic before I realized there had been a mistake. I fixed that and then ran thru fires the rest of the day. But at least the day flew by!

Now we gotta go to a block party the kids have been looking forward to all day. It will be great for them, a chance to burn off their energies outside instead of in the house. But it also means putting on the happy face and getting to know people. It means reaching out and hoping someone reaches back.

The hubs is already asking when we can come back home and we haven't even left the house. Truth be told, I'm thinking the same thing. I guess we could not go, but I feel like we need to prove we are committed. And it's a free meal with fun things to do.

This is kind of a rambly post. But sometimes that's how it goes. We all have a lot to do. ANd people have worked hard to put on this party tonight. So we are going to go and have a good time. Who cares if bedtime will be an uphill battle in the dead of summer. We will have a good time celebrating the launch of a new ministry.

How do you spend the middle of the week? 

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