Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Working 9 to 5

Over the past year, our family has gone thru some major changes.

We moved from our home of the past six years, to the of our states largest city. We went from working for a large, mega corporation to working for a small start up that gets all it's capitol from crowd funding. Our boys changed schools.

The biggest change has been that after 11 years of staying home with my kids full time, I have returned to the work force. I have worked some kind of part time work in retail or customer service. But I haven't held a nine to five job since I first graduated from college.

In a way, this was a change that we could feel was coming for awhile. I had always been kind of resistant to working outside the home. But as the kids got older and more independent, I began looking for the next step for me. It was time to look outside our house for some purpose.

I had always volunteered or been a part of organizations, but it was time to start making more money for our little family. And with the instability of the job market, it just made sense for us to begin sockin' away some money to build up our emergency fund.

In some ways, this change has been hard. Our youngest has had to adjust from being the single child at home to sharing the attention of her teachers at day care. Our older two are having to be more responsible and help out more at home. My husband has also had to step up and contributes more towards the care of the house and getting the kids off to school. Some days the hubs and I look at each other and think what in the world are we doing?

In other ways this seems to fit our family. The kids are doing really well with me working. It has helped that I could find a job that allows me to be home in the morning. And the older two had gotten used to getting to school with their dad. Our daughter is learning far more with her day care teachers than I was teaching her at home. My husband and I are a team now. We feel more balanced in the house. Not that I did everything at home and he worked outside. My husband has always been great about helping out. But we both have a better understanding and appreciation for one another and the amount of work each of us does. For the first time in our married life, we are feeling comfortable with our budget. I'm also meeting new people and getting to interact with people outside my normal circle. Getting to have a positive impact at work. Using my God-given talent to help people and solve problems. These have been the positive impacts.

Working full time wasn't something I started out wanting, but it has become something I am really enjoying.

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