Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A little Tech tip

As I mentioned in the last post, I have started working full time about 3 months ago. This has had benefits and drawbacks.

One of the additional drawbacks is the lack of time. When I stayed at home there seemed to be endless hours and days in which I could do things. Somethings didn't happen because there was rarely a sense of urgency. Now before you stay at home types get all defensive, I'm not saying that the demands of an infant/toddler/pre-schooler or any age child do not take a lot of time and energy. I just mean that the non-child related things to get done like deep cleaning the house or schedule car

Now, with working. Everything seems immediate. If I don't take care of something now, it often becomes lost or forgotten. And that is why Cozi and texting are my two favorite forms of scheduling and communicating. Cozi because it allows everyone in your family to see the calendar. Texting, because it provides a record of communication that a phone call doesn't allow. Unless you record all your phone calls and then you have another issue altogether. I digress.

We have been using our Cozi app for just over 2 years now. Besides the family calendar feature, there are also a grocery list everyone in the family can add things to as well as a to do list function. The grocery list can be set up with categories so you can add things and then sort them according to department if you want. That helps me to know where i need to go in the store. The to do list is nice so my husband and I can know if there are things to be taken care of as a reminder so we don't forget.

Texting is as texting does. I love this because I can go back and look at old texts for info I might have missed or forgotten. That is especially helpful in an argument to prove who is most right. You know what I'm sayin?

Those are my tips of the day. We love tech and it can make your life easier. 

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