Thursday, July 9, 2015


It seems as if life is full of inconvenience. When we try to get one thing done, there are a million interruptions. Like trying to write a blog post. It seems the hum of my lap top draws my children much like the pied piper's pipe drew the mice to him.

Or maybe you are trying to get ready for a family birthday party and someone shows up one and a half hours early cause they didn't want to be inconvenienced.

Or maybe you try to write a blog post but your kids need help with something. So  you put aside the writing and go help the kids. Than a hundred other interruptions and inconveniences take up the rest of the evening and next day until you find it's 24 hours since you last wrote.

So here we are, a blog about inconveniences being interrupted. But what if we saw our inconveniences as opportunities? What if I could see each interruption to my day as a chance to slow down and observe? What if I could put aside the to do list and tasks to instead be in the moment and listen?

I'm not saying forget the to do list and throw responsibility out the window, I just mean that sometimes we set it aside for awhile. Or maybe that form of entertainment that is "our time" gets put aside instead of reading that one extra chapter to the kids at bedtime.

I am by no means an expert at this. I often choose tasks over relationships. I am always thinking of how I can maximize my time. Even now, I did my part of dinner prep first and then came to write. That's ok too. The world needs type As to get things done. And we need our type B brothers and sisters to remind us to slow down.

Why is it hard for you to slow down? What gets enough of your attention to cause you to slow down? 

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