Saturday, August 1, 2015

A time for Sides

There's been much hullabaloo about a dentist and a lion the last few days. If you haven't heard about Cecil the lion and a certain dentist who had the audacity to shoot him, then here's a little link for you: About a dentist

There has been far less of an outcry over the Planned Parenthood videos that were also released this week. Sure the voices of the Conservative, Evangelical groups have been loud and vocal. But we have been drowned out by the moral outcry against killing an aged lion in another country.

What has our world come to? I'm not sure how I feel about hunting for sport. I have close relative who hunt for food reasons. It's their hobby and leisure activity. I can understand that there would be some thrill and excitement to go on a big game hunt. I also can see the other side of disappointment and sorrow at killing something for sport. What I can't wrap my head around is the disproportionate response of the progressive movement wanting to tear a hunter down while completely ignoring the slaughter and sale of human babies.

Because that's what our own country has done. We have taken up the cause of a lion and thrown into the gutter the cries of the born and unborn babies that have been sold on the black market for "research". That is a disgusting and villainous act. To have so little regard for a human life that someone could dissect and sell the body parts of a defenseless child, is reprehensible. Where are the voices raised in moral outrage? I will raise mine in defense of the unborn.

I don't normally read Matt Walsh, I disagree on some of his stances. But on this subject of moral ambiguity, he has said it well. I will close with this statement from his blog post:
"So when our culture decides to sit back and tolerate, or even revere and commend, perverse evils like abortion, pornography, the breakdown of the family, the persecution of Christians, etc., it begins to accumulate a kind of Outrage Reservoir. Deep down, we must feel like we oppose evil. We can’t laud the most insidious atrocities of our time, and then look in the mirror and face ourselves honestly. The righteous anger that should be poured out in response to these true horrors is bottled and contained, clogging up our souls like constipated bowels.
We search desperately for an acceptable target for our surplus of withheld scorn, and when we locate it, we unload like we just chugged a gallon of laxative. Suddenly, some guy who killed a lion in Zimbabwe receives all of the compiled disdain that should have been discharged on the abortionists and the pornographers and the persecutors. Our pent up rage and anger mixes with guilt and self-loathing, and together it creates this concentrated bile that drowns and destroys whatever tragic chump they throw before us to be devoured. It’s nothing personal against him, really. Walter Palmer is a sacrificial lamb. A punching bag, strung up and dangled in front of progressive America as a way for them to release their moral frustrations. He’s an object. A receptacle for their misdirected vengeance. It’s like self-flagellation, only minus the self. And next week they’ll be flagellating some other patsy, and nobody will even remember or care about poor old Walter Palmer."
Be the voice to call out for the voiceless

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