Thursday, August 13, 2015

Child ramblings

Stumped for a topic, I will transcribe my youngest' words for the next few minutes

Mom, I'm still hungry. 

Can I have a banana?
I wanna banana. 
Can I have a banana?
Mommy I really want a banana. 
Do we have any bananas? 

Me: Do you want some banana chips? 

YOUNGEST: YES!!!! We have banana chips? Did you get some? Oh yeah!!! 

Sound of a game falling off a shelf on to the laminate. 

I was looking for my comic. Yeah! I found my comic.  And I need my message. 

Ok, I found my comic, Mom. 

Pitter patter of little feet running to the table. 

This is just 2 minutes in my daughters life. I soon will get to do this every single day of every minute. 

Bring on the joy. 

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