Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Where did that come from?

I work in the customer service industry. I have always been good with people and I seem to have a knack with dealing difficult customers. But sometimes there's just that special someone that decides to pour salt on everyone's wounds.

This guy wanted his floor fixed, and he wanted it done now. It didn't matter that he decided to wait a few days to voice his concerns about his floor and then wanted them fixed immediately. It didn't matter if we had to uproot everyone else's schedule for his demands. He MUST BE our top priority. It didn't matter that these issues stemmed from the builder and not from us. Also, that the builder lied to him and put our company in a bad place.

But my question of where did that come from is from my own emotional response to this guy. I know his issues aren't my fault, they are his issues. I didn't cause his flooring to be broken, that was the lack of a dehumidifier and high temps. So why did I care that this guy was so belligerent to me? His demanding and insistent requests took me to a place of being bullied. Like I was his victim. And that's just not a good feeling.

So how can I change that for the future? I need to affirm that I am not his victim. That I have worth and value and am deserving respect and kindness. I can be polite and firm in the decisions I make. Confident that my boss has my back. Also that I am not working there to be someone's whipping post.

That is what I will walk forward in. May you walk forward with that knowledge as well. 

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