Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Biggest Lie

We all have lies that we believe. Some are tiny. Like that yellow is an ugly color. Some are medium like our fears of public speaking or heights. Some are big like the lies we believe about ourselves and other people. Things like she's the best at everything. And he must have it all together. Or maybe you walk around with an inner monologue about how you will never be good enough. That you will just plain never be enough. 

That is mine. My biggest lie was/is that I will never be enough. I will always be struggling to measure up to some mythical standard. That I will not have enough in me to meet all the needs of all the people I care most about. That is the lie I battle every day. 

Because you know what? I am enough. Enough for each of the little and not so little kids that call this place our home. I'm enough for my husband. I'm enough to cook and clean the house. I am enough to do laundry.  I'm enough to meet the needs for the ministry God has for me. 

Does being enough mean I'm able to meet all the needs of all the people? Does it mean I need to sign up for every class to teach or volunteer opportunity? No, it does not. Being enough means recognizing my limits and knowing when to kindly say not right now.

Being enough takes wisdom and discernment. It takes reflection and listening to the quiet and persistent voice of a God who made and knows me intimately. It takes seasons of rest and days to recharge the batteries. Being enough recognizes that there will be days when I feel full and capable of many things. There will also be days when I feel empty and capable of nothing. Both are ok. 

So dear one, I close with this. You are enough. Whether you feel full of love, joy and compassion. Or whether you feel empty, lonely and completely tapped out. You are enough. You aways have been and you always will be. 

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