Saturday, August 15, 2015

The special ones

Yesterday i wrote about making each moment count. About taking time to enjoy the little moments that add up and make a life. To savor the special ones. Last night my husband and i had one of those moments. We were in a hallway of a major hotel in the middle of a small little town in MI. I looked up from the computer i was working on and thought, this is a moment to savor. 

My husband and I were working on a project together. Sure we spend time together watching a show or being with the kids, but it had been awhile since we had collaborated on something together. Since bpth of us are creative types we can get lost in our own pursuits. This hotel hallway became a little sacred place. I was watching my husband review some edits i had made to a document and it just hit me. I love this man so much. He was being appreciative and giving some constructive criticism and I was open to opinions. It was a nice moment of marital bliss. 

I think part of the joy was knowing that this project was helping us move forward in our lives. It was something we were building together to strengthen our family base and help each other. One of the keys to our marriage is that we support each other. I have not been the best at it, but I'm getting better. Seeing that it's ok for each of us to have a dream. And for each of us to take turns being out front and being in the background. That there is no competition to see who can get to their dream faster than the other. A hundred percent of dream fulfillment takes time and effort. We each need to take turns encouraging one another to be patient and keep at the daily work to get to the end goal. We need each other to say, let's take a step back or a day off and recoup after a loss. 

Last night reminded me about all that. My husband is not my competitor. He is my beloved and I am his. 

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