Saturday, August 22, 2015

The waiting game

There's a wonderful Dr Suess book called "Oh, the places you can go". It's a lovely tale of what can happen to you as you grow up and encounter the joys and struggles of life. 

One of my favorite parts is when the book describes coming to the "waiting place". This is a place where people are waiting for a variety of things. dr appointments, chances, luck to turn or even a bus. It's not a very fun place and can seem irritatingly long. But the waiting place can also be a place to grow. 

In the waiting place we have time to reflect. To think about choices made. To examine the paths not taken. This can be dangerous if we dwell to much on the pet. I have tendency to look fondly on the pat and resent the hard things about the present. Sometimes I'm so preoccupied with the past that I can't be excited about the opportunities in the future. 

But there can be good things about waiting. When I have to rely on God's timing, I have time to mature. And I can make sure to surround myself with people who can see outside of my box and give me encouragement. I can minister to others while waiting which also takes me outside of myself and gives me a new and different perspective. 

Waiting is not all bad nor is it all good. Waiting is just a season like another part of life. So join with me in the tension and know that someday we will wait no more. 

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