Thursday, August 20, 2015

To be right or to be kind

We always have a choice. Each and every moment of every day. We have a choice to either be right. Or to be kind. Each of our days brings many opportunities to be either one of those things. 

There are times when we do need to be right. To correct bad directions, when there is an emergency or a safety concern these are all times when we should be right. We should correct wrongs. I would also add that on matters of injustice or abuse we need to speak out. We need to be a strong voice to right wrongs. 

But I think a lot of the time we choose to be right because of pride. We all have a need for value and worth. To be seen as worthy of affirmation. I think we all have the voice that tells us if we just speak loud enough and say something enough times it will be enough for others to believe we are right too. And may be we are right. But how often do we feel the need to make our opinion fact? 

If we took a minute to examine our motives for sharing our opinions. Or the desire to bust in to others conversations., I think we would find our motives are not as genuine or altruistic as we think they are. 

I think we should choose to be kind over being right. So often we confuse our need to be heard and affirmed with being correct. Instead we should be humble and give the befit of the doubt. Everyone has a story and we all have a need to be loved. This is the truth we must all remember. That kindness extended will always smooth over a wealth of hurts. It will never return void. There will always be a brighter outlook and calmer response with kindness. It's hard to be angry at someone who is being sweet. 

So that is my message for today. Always choose kindness over being right. Blessings to you all. 

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