Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The beginning

I love to read. It's been a passion of mine since I was a young girl. I used to read all kinds of books and stories. I tolalways did well in English and Literature Analysis classes. Books are my favorite things. I usually know within the first couple of chapters if I'm going to enjoy a book or not. If the book is horror filled or a thriller, it doesn't usually go further than the first chapter. As I get older, my heart can't take the constant adrenaline rush from these types of stories. I don't really like romance stories either, they are unrealistic and full of to many throbbing things for my liking.

What I do prefer, are stories about relationships. Brother/sister, husband/wife, best friends, estranged friends any and all relationships fascinate me. I have had a lot of broken or dysfunctional relationships in my life. I am now trying to work out that dysfunction. Bringing light to the darkness where lies grew. I'm also trying to be honest about my part in the dysfunction. I want to make sure the story I'm telling is one of truth. That I am offering grace, mercy and love to the people I share my stories with. 

Which brings me back to beginnings. I have been reading a book called the Jesus Story Book Bible. It's a children's Bible, but has all the great truths we all need to hear. Today I was reading the story of Genesis. About how God desired to have a relationship with us. So He created a beautiful place filled with wonderful creatures. He daily communed with the two people he created to live there. Then the people failed God, even in the midst of their amazing garden, they were tricked by one who hated God. So when the people broke God's heart, He was sad. But the story did not end there. Even in the center of all that pain the people brought God, He still provided for them to their most basic needs. God gave Adam and Eve clothes. He told them to leave the garden, but He also offered them hope. Though this first plan to have relationship failed, God still offered a way for the future generations to come back to Him and be in that daily communion again.

That's what I love about God. Each day is a new beginning. That no matter where we are in our stories, he offers us comfort, meets our needs, and gives us a way to stop our steps on the destructive path. Instead offering a new beginning, a new way forward. A new story to be written. 

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