Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Need for Friends

When I was little I had endless opportunities for making friends. Between day care, school, the neighborhood and church I had a lot of places to make friends. As kids, we all have an easy way of accepting and being with each other. There aren't as many hang ups to being friends when you are a kid. 

Enter high school where you're just trying to blend in. I was a smart kid. I had a reputation for being a goody goody and those were the kids I hung out with. It was prayer meetings and gospel songs for me. I got along with most kids and made it thru my four years relatively unscathed. 

Then I left for college. It was here I really came into my own. I was away from home and in a pretty safe place. I loved college. All that learning and freedom was my happy place. I met a core group of friends. I met my husband. It's where I really bloomed. 

Next came adulthood and finally babies. Outside of the safe bubble of school, I noticed the world was a less friendly place. People were busier. More focused on building a life, buying a house and all that kind of thing. The busier we all got, the less time there was for friendship. Therefore, we all began to feel lonelier. 

But how do you make friends as an adult? When you move outside of school or other places where there's a common denominator, it gets harder to make connections. 

That lack of connection, the lack of friendship makes for a lonely life. And solitary confinement is not the way to live a full and abundant life. Being isolated and alone leads to all kinds of mental health issues. And I believe the longer we live in that lonely place, the harder it becomes to break out of our self imposed prison. 

Back to my question? How do we make friends? How do we let go of the hurts that may cause us to close ourselves off from others? What do we do to convince ourselves that life with other people is better than life alone? 

Tune in tomorrow for more details! 

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