Thursday, July 28, 2016

Saying Goodbye

We are in the last two weeks of summer break here in Indiana. Throw in a job change and a move two hours south, and it feels like life is whizzing by. So of course we are cramming everything fun and important to us into these last two weeks.

Going to the zoo, the museum, grandparent overnights and friend sleep overs. It's all happening these last two weeks. The first day of school is going to be a nightmare because we have all turned into vampire bats.

We are saying good bye to this last few weeks of long summer days and ease.

This will be my youngest transition to kindergarten. She is free spirited and feisty. I worry about her in school. She doesn't conform. I don't want that to be broken by a well-meaning teacher. I also don't want her to feel like she needs to be less. But I don't want school to be hard for her either. I am praying for a sweet friend on our new block and a teacher that will inspire her to learn and let her be unique.

Our middle son will be entering a challenge program/high-ability course that was supposed to be for the next two years. But with out move I'm not sure where that will put him. He loves school and competing in that environment. I'm praying for him to have those opportunities in our new town. And for him to find a posse of pals like he has had here.

Our oldest is entering junior high and all the craziness that brings. He will be twelve tomorrow. The last year before the teen years. He's grown and matured so much. I pray we can navigate the mood swings. That he will find a way to focus and I can let go. He excels with freedom, and I need to let go of my need to micromanage. It's been our life long struggle.

We are all saying good bye at the end of this summer. There will be tears and reminiscing, but there will also be hope and anticipation for what is to come. 

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