Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The End and The Beginning

We have come to it. The final days of summer break are now behind us. There will be no more lazy days of toddlers or pre-schoolers wandering around. No more building a day around a spontaneous trip to the museum or zoo. Our free days are now dictated by a school calendar. We have come to the end of our preschool years. As with any ending, a beginning has followed. I packed three lunches and made sure all three kids had what they needed for this first day of school. We all shuffled out to the car and made it to the car drop off line with just a few tears. I watched my youngest be escorted into the school by her two bigger and more confident brothers. Brothers that often are exasperated by her, but will fiercely protect her from danger and even herself.

This beginning brings new challenges like homework and new technology to learn. It will bring new friends and a twenty minute lunch. This beginning brings more free time for me to write and read and develop relationships.

This ending isn't just about my youngest going to kindergarten, it's also about our family relocating to a new part of the state. We will be moving farther south in Indiana, where the twangs are a little more pronounced and Kentucky is just a thirty minute drive over the bridge. This beginning will bring another new school for my kids. It will bring finding a new church again. It will bring building a community of people to love and to be loved by.

Endings always bring beginnings. But that doesn't make the ending any less hard. All endings have to be grieved. Even the ones that we are glad have come. Endings signify change. Change can be good and bad. It's often a mix of both.

So I am here. Grieving my endings. Holding out hope for the new beginnings. 

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