Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Choices Made

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     Every day I have a choice after I drop the kids off at school. If I turn right, I can turn towards the gym, home and healthy eating. Turning right, however, will take me to a bakery with a large array of sugary goodness. I don't even have to get out of the car. I can just pull up to the drive thru and have them pack me up a box of deep-fried glorious goodness. Every day, Monday thru Friday I have that choice to make. 

So what do I do? 

Most days I turn right. I go to the gym and then home. I make my healthy food and eat it. I go on without the taste of refined sugar in my mouth. I go on about my business without the intense hit of a custard filled treat hitting my brain. I also avoid the sugar crash, cravings for more sugar and other physically harmful effects of eating that doughnut. But man is it hard to turn my steering wheel to the right. 

That's life though.

 Every day is choice that we have to get up and do what we are going to do. Consciously or not, we decide how the day is going to go. Each choice we make leads us closer towards our goals or not. 
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I have not always made the best choice.For many years I have chosen the path of least resistance. The one that led me away from my goals and dreams. I got angry and upset at those that were achieving their dreams. While I sat on the couch with my metaphorical and sometimes actual box of donuts. 

So what is your choice going to be?

 Mental donuts or the mental gym towards a goal? 

Hint: The gym gives you more long term happiness.  

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