Monday, April 24, 2017

Hello My Old Friend

Hello Old Friend, 

I know we just got back together again. I mean, I just started this blogging course and recommitted to blogging again. It's day 2 of the commitment and I'm already back with you. To the level that I played around on my phone for about 2 hours today. Just surfing. Ugh! Why do I do this!?

I know you are no good for me. Why do I keep coming back to you? Your siren call of avoidance of writing was so bad, I even did laundry. I didn't just wash and dry the clothes, I even folded them. I spent time outside. In the heat. Which I detest. Now I have a sunburn on one arm. Because I listened to you, Procrastination. I said it was for the kids, but really, it was so I didn't have to hear the taping of my fingers on the keyboard.

It's not just writing from which I have let you call me, Procrastination. I have listened to you to help me avoid all kinds of things. Writing is just the tip of the iceberg. I usually put off house work until I need a hazmat suit to clean the bathroom. I avoid grocery shopping unless it means we are going to be eating candy for dinner at the next meal if I don't go. I put off hard conversations. I run away from hard choices. Anything that will cause discomfort or be potentially gross usually activates my flight senses and I'm off into the land of Netflix or the Internet. The humor section on Pinterest is my happy place. You know all this Procrastination, we have been together off and on for a while now. 

image from Theodysseyonline
What happens, though? What happens when I put off the hard work? The difficult choice or conversation becomes even harder and more awkward to have. The uncleaned bathroom or fridge requires a gas mask and a lot of food is thrown out. That's money wasted! If I don't go to the grocery store I hear the chorus of "I'm hungry" even more frequently. The only thing I want to avoid more than to put something off is to not hear my kids whine. Putting off hard things only makes them harder to deal with. 

Let's also talk about the stress that comes along with you Procrastination. When we first became friends, it was just about putting the icky stuff off so we could have fun. But then you invited your friend Stress along as well. I didn't ask for that friend. I would prefer Stress just stays home.  

So, Procrastination. I'm breaking up with you and your friend Stress. Or at least we are taking a break. A big one. Because you really aren't good for me. Time wasted and lessons learned thru disappointing friends and myself have been learned. I am done missing opportunities because I have listened to your voice, Procrastination. It really is you, not me. So, good-bye. 

image by her campus

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