Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It's been awhile, again.

It's been four months to the day since my last blog entry. Here I am again. Coming into the arena with my hands held out with some hope and freedom for those that might join me. It's a new season and a new start for this creative endeavor of mine.

Spring is now here. The season of skirts and dresses with light weight sweaters to guard against the morning chill. It's the season of shaved legs and some bronzer to give that first glimpse of sun-kissed fun that has replaced the quiet of winter. There is grass growing and lawn mowers revving, flowers are poking their shy little heads up waiting for kids to pluck them for their mamas. Spring is here. 

Along with spring is my favorite time of the church year. I am self titled church nerd. (Actually, my husband came up with it but I liked it so much, I decided I would adopt it for myself.) It's Easter time in the western Church's calendar. This is a season that has been preceded by Lent, a time of sacrifice and reflection to prepare our hearts for the resurrection of Jesus. But before I can understand the glory of the empty tomb, I've got to try and wrap my brain around the sacrifice of God's son. A thing so big and so earth shattering, it defines time segments. The sacrifice of Jesus the lamb is such a powerful image for our human brains, it has set the plot for thousands of books, movies and television. This idea of sacrificing one's self for another is a concept that will be mulled over, thought about and discussed until I move past this physical realm to the one of Jesus where I can ask Him my questions and get answers that will satisfy. 

This holy week looks different than those of my past. I don't have a place of worship to go and work thru the rituals for me. I am exploring these ideas at home by myself, or with just one or two other people. That's what this year has been about though. Not just relying on others in the church to do the work for me. Or give me the "right" words to say. It's been about finding church in the smaller spaces. In the meeting of just a few believers, I have found a space to ask my tough questions and explore possible answers.

I hope this is a place for us to do that. To ask our questions. To help one another get back up. To not offer solutions or fixes, but instead offer a listening ear and a warm hug. Won't you join me in that? 

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