Wednesday, January 11, 2017

To My Sweet Sweet Girl

My Darling,

You are the sunshine that came into our family before we even knew it was cloudy and overcast. You are our sweet little angel. The one who shows us how to have fun and love freely. There is no other creature on this earth as beautiful as my little sweetheart.

Seeing you grow and retain your sense of wonder is a beautiful thing. Your endless optimism and gentle heart is matched in intensity by your fierce spirit and strong will. I hope those traits stay in you. I pray that I am guiding you as you should go for you. Not as the world tells you to go.

You are brave, you are kind and you are important. I know you will grow to do great things. Right now you want to be an animal trainer. And that is one of the million possibilities you can do.

Dear sweet girl. Please forgive my mistakes, thank you for the grace you show me every day. Know that when I am telling you things it is not to control you, but to help guide you towards a joy filled life.

May your days be filled with rainbows and unicorns always, May the clouds and battles of life never make your days so overcast that they mute your bright spirit. I love you completely my beautiful sprite.

With all my heart

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