Wednesday, May 24, 2017

F is for Forgetful

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         I forget things. It seems the older I get, the more I forget them. It is no longer a desire for cool pens and paper that has me keeping a notebook and pen in my purse. I no longer pretend I am the heroine in a sci-fi epic when using voice to text to add a memo to my notes app. No, it is very much a necessity, a mandatory one at that, that I have to write things down.

     Appointments are completely  missed. School functions are totally abandoned. Anniversaries, birthdays and non-federal holidays are all lost to the nether reaches of my mind if I don't write them down on a calendar.

     Oftentimes I need to write it down several places. I have a paper calendar, a digital one and also a notebook that has random notes and details of our lives in them. I also set reminders. The digital ones go off for me and my husband thanks to the shared awesomeness that is Cozi.

    Age and mothering has made me forgetful. But I'm handling it.

What are some ways you cope with forgetfulness? 

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