Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Summer Summer Time

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Just writing that post took me back to 1997. I was spending my last summer as a high school student. Me and my then best friend had jobs working at one of the city pools. We would take crumpled and wet dollars and coins in exchange for kids and families to spend some time at the concrete wrapped pools to try and stay cool amid the humidity and heat of a Michigan summer. It wasn't a glamorous job. Often it involved a lot of boredom and the burn of chlorine in my nostrils. But that summer is one that stands out in my mind. 

I've always had a love hate relationship with summer. I love the slower pace and later wake ups. But I loathe humidity and heat. I love the gentle whoosh of air conditioning, but hate the higher electricity bills. There is fun and joy to be found at water sources, but there will also be sun burns and the uncomfortable tug of goggles that need to be constantly adjusted.

Yes, summer has a unique blend of fun and frustration. I will say that the older our kids get, the more I enjoy summer. It has a lot to do with them being able to apply sunscreen on their own.
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Some of the joy is just being in this stage of life with kids that are coming into their own. Also, seeing how fast it's all passing me by is making me nostalgic. Wishing I could get one of those time-turner devices they use in a Harry Potter novel. 

The brevity of summer is what makes it so bitter sweet. 

Having only six weeks of summer break means it's going to go fast. So this summer we are going to say yes to relationships, no to the things that cause division and heck yeah to trying out every ice cream spot we can find.
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