Monday, July 20, 2015


I have said over and over that we all need each other. 

That the number one way to live a flourishing life is to have friends. That to have friends we must first be friends. 

We all must rally together. And the first place we must feel like we have support is at home. 

There may be things I am into my husband is not. And there are things my husband is into that I could care less about. I know there are at least five issues my kids want to talk about that I have to physically restrain myself from rolling my eyes about. But I can choose a different way. 

I read a great book a few years ago called the Blessing. It's about raising kids under the umbrella of a Biblical blessing.   To give kids the kind of place to explore and be excited about their interests. To not make someone in your family feel less than important because of their interests. 

If there is something my kids show an interest in, give them the opportunity to explore that interest. Not to put my hopes and dreams on the kid, but to physically say to them. "You have worth and can achieve great things" more often then I say "No". 

Let's give a blessing to our kids. Speak life over them and they will flourish. Speak destruction and they will wither. The choice is yours. 

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