Thursday, July 16, 2015


I've been serving all week at my church. We have been running a VBS program. Or as I like to call it, free day care. 

Usually a 5 day or night program. Parents bring kids of a variety of ages to learn about Jesus. Kids learn they a variety of platforms such as music, drama, video, lessons and fun. There's usually a snack of some kind as well. 

It's a long and tiring week. But it fills kids up with the knowledge they are loved and special and worth a whole bunch of extravagance. Kids learn silly songs and deep truths. We pray that the little seeds turn into large flourishing trees of Jesus disciples. 

Is it tiring? Yes, yes it is. Is it worth it? Yes, absolutely yes. So that's why I'll sign up to help again next year. Even though I have a bunch of squirrelly rugrats that need a few lessons in being in a line. But by the end we get a few little ones that have put Jesus in their hearts and are on the path of a full life in Him. 

One hundred percent worth it. 

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