Thursday, August 24, 2017

Morning vs Afternoon

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There are a number of reasons that I take our kids to school. The main one being we are out of district and my kids can not par take of the bus system. Another is that we all like our sleep and prefer to wake up to a gentle chime rather than the honk of a bus. Finally, I have trust and control issues so I want to make sure my babies are safe with me as long as possible.

With being the transport for my kids, I also get to engage with the (heavy sarcasm) delight that is the car line. If you are not aware of what this is, it's the line of cars snaking thru a neighborhood to the
entrance of your child's school. The first few weeks can be rough. But eventually everyone gets their stuff together.

Our experience with the car line has been varied. Having moved several times over the last fifteen years of marriage, I have noticed a distinct difference between these two lines.

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The morning seems to go alright. It's early. We have all had our chosen form of energy boost. The kids are still half-asleep enough to be somewhat compliant. The teachers are ready for a brand new day. Things tend to go pretty smoothly. All the little cherubs are greeted with a smile and a welcome back. Everyone is cheery and happy at morning drop off. Most of them anyways. The few bumps along the gentle rolling river of exiting children don't mar the serenity of the morning.

After the little ones are dropped off, we all go our separate ways. Doing whatever we do to fill up our days.

Then we reconvene for the afternoon pick-up. 

I'm not sure why, but this car line has even more aggression simmering off the hoods of the cars. Maybe it's cause it's hotter. Most likely it's because we had to leave something to come pick up our cherubs, but there is a distinct lack of humanity in the afternoon pick up line. It's more like a charge to the watering hole for all of us than it is the gentle rolling tide of the morning pick up. 
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All told, it brings up some anxiety for me. Stress is also a big part of the afternoon pickup as well.

When we finally make it up  to the doors where are our kids are dispensed back into our car, there is a collective sigh of relief that we have all made it, once again, thru the pick-up event.

As we all drive away from the school, there is a silent vow made by each parent that tomorrow the day will be better. That we will not be stressed or lose our minds in the car lines. But that day has not yet come for me. Maybe tomorrow. 

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