Monday, August 28, 2017

Poured Out and Poured In

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Take a flight anywhere in the world and you will sit thru a safety demonstration. Something so common place to frequent flyers that many tune it out. If you cut past all the information about seats as floatation devices and where the nearest exits are, there will be a point in the demonstration that talks about oxygen masks. About how you need to put on your own mask before you attempt to help someone else put on their own. Even children need to wait while their parents put on their masks. 

There's a lot of wisdom in that phrase. 
Put on your own mask before you help someone else with their's. 

That's not what we do though, is it? Especially us who have others to care for. We tend to pour out all we have into them. Pets, kids, elderly parents, friends, co-workers, so much of our life involves giving of ourselves to others. Most of the world just takes it, don't they? As much as I like to think that the majority of humanity is not out for themselves, it's just not true. As much as we are willing to pour out and into those around us, I believe people will take that. Maybe with suspicion and wariness at first, but once someone begins to have another pour into them, speak life into them it's like a refreshing spring on tap for them. 
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 If we are that water spring for them, then how do we get filled up? Where do we go for our own drink of truth? How do I make sure that I also have life poured into me so that I can pour it into others? Because being poured into doesn't often happen on accident. It takes purposeful interactions with others.

We need mentors and teachers to help direct us towards our purpose. I believe that serving others helps me feel refreshed. Activities that are restful to me help fill up my life spring. For me that's reading fiction and spending time with friends. Others might find crafting relaxing. Or listening to music. Being alone is refreshing for still others. We all have things that can bring us life when we make the time to do them.

Don't be like this teapot, all empty and clear. 

We can help no one if we are on empty. We serve no purpose if our tank has run dry. Like this teapot, we are only useful when we have water in us. Then, we can pour into other empty cups.

What fills your life spring? 

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